Students Predictions of Summer Fashion Trends
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Students Predictions of Summer Fashion Trends

Every summer, and season at that, brings new wardrobes and fashion trends. The difficulty is knowing what is vs. what isn’t going to be in style.

Of course there are the go-to basics, such as shorts and a t-shirt, but there are also the items that pop out each season to fit new trends. 

Many students at USD have their predictions or thoughts about certain items that may or may not be trendy this summer. 

USD Student, Shiara Noyes, thinks that sundresses are going to be in-style, specifically small flower pattern sundresses. 

Similarly student Madison Martinez said that she thinks sundresses are going to become a trend, especially flowy un-fitted dresses, as well as an increase in the “old money style.” 

“I’ve been seeing a lot of “old money” style aesthetics in the winter time, so I think that might carry on into the summer and really hit hard,” Martinez said. 

Student Wyatt Suter said that he thinks that there is going to be an increase in more comfortable athleisure wear.

“I’ve seen a lot more sweaters and quarter zips coming,” Suter said. “I’ve seen a lot of sweaters and quarter zips in the past two weeks just in general and on campus.”

While shorts come in a variety of styles and colors, a staple that has stayed in style, in one form or another, is the denim short. Also known as jorts, these shorts became popularized in the 1960s through the counterculture movement. 

Throughout the decades the jean shorts have transformed into a go-to item for many individuals; with the length and bagginess changing with each new generation. 

“Jorts, long jean shorts,” Hanna Sortino said, when asked what she thought was going to be a fashion trend this summer. “I think they can be styled correctly, I’ve just been seeing them on Tik-Tok a lot recently.”

Student Braven Hanse agrees, stating that jorts are going to be as big as Adidas Sambas. 

Comparatively student Tiffany Paretti thinks that cheetah print is going to have a comeback, specifically in items like the Sambas. 

“I think 90s style will make a comeback, maybe even like even late 80s,” Paretti said. “Even like makeup trends as well, like they’re all coming back. So I think I like mink skirts with crop tops and a cute little purse.” 

Other trends that could be expected are crochet tops, which was stated by student Elle Swenson, who claims that they were popular last summer and could have a comeback for 2024. 

For mens fashion, student River Heynen hopes that cowboy style will become popular this summer.

“I hope it’s a trend this summer that people start to dress like cowboys because that would be awesome and we need to start doing that again,” Heynen said. 

For many, the typical summer wardrobe is simple and casual, really just designed to get them through what can be trying times. So while that might be a basic go-to combination of a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, it is still fun to try out new things, and fashion allows one to do so.