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Summer Blockbuster Reviews

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (May 8, 2024) 

The follow-up to the immensely popular Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy and one that looks to be extremely promising. It harkens back to an older form of sci-fi that we rarely see put on the big screen anymore. The film takes place a century after the previous one so it’s a great place for those interested in the series to jump in. Even someone like myself who hasn’t seen the previous film, I will be watching this one for sure.  

If (May 17, 2024) 

What looks to be one of the more imaginative, no pun intended, family films this summer Ryan Reynolds stars in a movie all about finding new homes for imaginary friends. While the writing will probably not grip anyone outside of the intended age range, the premise seems interesting enough to be charmed by. I am most impressed by the variety of imaginary friends presented in the trailer, showcasing a variety of fun and interesting designs.  

Furiosa a Mad Max Saga(May 24, 2024) 

My most anticipated film of the year, Furiosa is the new prequel to Mad Max Fury Road. This entry plans to match the intensity and bombasticness of the first film as well as show the backstory of many of the film’s characters. Ana-Taylor Joy takes the lead as the titular Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth will be playing a post-apocalyptic warlord who kidnaps a young Furiosa. This film promises to be one of the most action-packed of the year. 

Inside Out Part 2(June 14, 2024) 

This second film now follows Riley as a teenager with a whole heap of new emotions and social situations typical for someone this age. It seems like it will match a lot of the very emotional and comedic moments that loved in the first film and the story beats that Pixar has become synonymous with. Even if you have been a little disappointed with Disney’s output in recent years, I have no doubt this will be a film that a lot of families will love. 

Maxxine(July 5, 2024) 

 The conclusion to director Ti West’s horror trilogy stars Mia Goth’s character, Maxine, as one of the remaining survivors of the previous film titled “X”. The new horror film is set in 80s Hollywood as a killer threatens the life and career of Maxine. This film is a throwback to older slasher films with a lot of the nostalgic elements accompanying those films. 

Deadpool 3(July 26, 2024) 

The third installment to Deadpool has been a long time coming with many fans wondering how it would be made under the family-friendly Disney umbrella. Fans don’t have to worry as it looks as if this third film will continue its title as the most crude and violent superhero film franchise. Ryan Reynolds returns as Deadpool also bringing along Hugh Jackman as he reprises his role as Wolverine for the first time since 2017.