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Editorial: Why Did You Have to Ruin It?

As residents of South Dakota, we know the weather is always changing. There is always going to be more snow, wind, rain or some other thing.

There are many good things about snow and winter. It’s a good time to relax inside, bundled in blankets and drink hot chocolate. When snow blankets the ground and the trees, everything looks completely different. For the first snow fall everything is fun and exciting, it’s easy to cave into the desire to play in the snow. 

Taking a break from the constant stress of studying, homework and work is a necessity. So why not use South Dakota’s constant weather to our advantage? Students have constructed snow forts, had snowball fights and built snowmen all across campus.

However, almost all of the things built have been ruined. Only a few hours after the snowmen were decapitated and the fort walls have been demolished. Why do that? Someone just built that, why ruin it? 

We’re all adults here right? Can’t you fight the urge to demolish people’s work?

We are only a couple of weeks into February so it’s probably safe to assume there will be more snow and with it more opportunities to build snowmen or have impromptu snowball fights. So if you do see snowmen on campus, just let them be.