International Club hosts Festival of Nations 

The Festival of Nations was held by USD’s International Club on Sunday evening in the Muenster University Center (MUC) ballroom and welcomed students and Vermillion residents. The event included food, music, games and the opportunity to experience new cultures from around the world.  Over 30 countries were represented by individuals who prepared dishes from their […]

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International Club brings East Africa to USD

The Muenster University Center (MUC) pit on Feb. 9 held the International Club’s second Around the World Wednesday event of the semester, focusing on East Africa.  The event started with presentations from two students from East African countries. Ben Onserio, a senior at USD, presented Kenya and senior Hermela Mulugeta presented Ethiopia. After the presentations, […]

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International Club looks forward to a new year

The International Club on campus is the host to many international students and domestic students alike. The club holds many events throughout the year to allow students to interact with each other.   Third-year PhD student Bernard Osemwenkhae serves as the liaison between the International Club and the Student Government Administration. In an email interview with The Volante, he said the International Club gives him […]

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