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International Club brings East Africa to USD

The Muenster University Center (MUC) pit on Feb. 9 held the International Club’s second Around the World Wednesday event of the semester, focusing on East Africa. 

The event started with presentations from two students from East African countries. Ben Onserio, a senior at USD, presented Kenya and senior Hermela Mulugeta presented Ethiopia. After the presentations, the event hosted a meal with traditional East African dishes, followed by a quiz, where attendees could win prizes. The event had about 70 people in attendance.

Muntasir Mamun, a graduate student at USD and president of the International Club, said he likes Around the World Wednesday events because of the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

“I like to know about the culture and the geographical topics and discussion,” Mamun said. “It is really nice to know about because every country has a different culture, different system and food.”

Osamakon Osemwenkhae, graduate student and Student Government Association Liaison for the International Club, said he enjoys planning events to help teach others about the wide variety of cultures at USD.

“I’m most excited about just planning the event and everything … and that I am able to share and be part of something that shares people’s culture,” Osemwenhkhae said.

Mamun said he joined the International Club when he came to USD at the beginning of the fall 2021 semester.

“I planned to join (the International Club) to find some other international people and some local Americans so that I can learn something from their culture,” Mamun said. “And it is good for making friendships and everything.”

The International Club is focused on educating the community about different cultures, Osemwenkhae said.

“I think a major focus has been to share culture around the community and just make people aware of other parts of the world,” Osemwenkhae said. “If you check out most of our events, we will have cultures from different parts of the world to try to portray diversity.”

The International Club is hosting International Mother Language Day on Feb. 22 in the MUC pit and has two events planned for April, the Festival of Nations and Kites Carnival.