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Public Library hosts self-awareness workshop

Kelley Ashby of Kelley Ashby Consulting will be hosting a workshop at the Vermillion Public Library on the Benefits of Self-Awareness & How to Develop It on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m.  

The event focuses on teaching others how to become more self-aware in one’s mental health. Ashby has presented similar workshops in the past and wants to provide further insight for community members.  

“The main thing I want people to take away from this is how much our emotions impact our ability to make good decisions, behaviors and performances and to be tuned in to what you are feeling moment to moment,” Ashby said.  

Kelley Ashby Consulting provides training and consulting services for its clients to help build leadership and success among the work environment. Ashby is the president, owner and consultant for the firm and has 25 years of experience working in the industry.  

“My company’s mission is to grow and strengthen high performing individuals and teams. I try to pull emotional intelligence, resilience and how to inspire others’ performance into everything I do,” Ashby said.  

Vermillion Public Library’s public relations and adult programming specialist Kendra Brewer helped to organize the event and felt mental health was an important topic that needed to be covered. 

“I was focusing on mental health and self-care because I think that we need to remind ourselves that even though there is a lot going on out there, we still need to take care of ourselves. Bettering ourselves should be important,” said Brewer.  

Brewer also highlighted the importance of recognizing self-awareness and learning to listen to what the body is trying to say.  

“If you’re self-aware enough, you can pay attention to what your body is trying to say to you. Then, you can apply it to all aspects of your life, such as job interviews and other responsibilities you have in the way (of) understanding yourself,” said Brewer.  

Ashby will be engaging her audience in various activities and topics she will be discussing including the importance of emotional intelligence.  

“I know a lot of people have been undergoing a lot of stress as it relates to the past few years. This information will be helpful to anyone who has any sort of stress in their day-to-day life,” Ashby said.  

The event welcomes everyone in the Vermillion area. Those interested can attend the event either in person or via Zoom. The library asks that those who wish to be present via Zoom register in advance by filling out the registration form on the library’s website.