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When and Wear: Monochromatic – From the Trend of Sweatsuit to “Groutfits”

The monochromatic sweatsuit has resurrected recently, with a resurgence that some are all for the trend, while others are not so on board with its revival.. 

Gaining popularity in the 1970s, the original form of the sweatsuit was the tracksuit, a monochromatic pant and jacket combination that allowed for both mobility and style. 

While we have in recent years begun to move towards more comfortable clothing, there is not a pinpoint reason why sweatsuits have gained traction. 

“I think they kind of made a reappearance after Covid. I think we shifted into more comfy athleisure, and it just naturally evolved into something more fashionable and chic.”

The most common critique of the set is its appeal in certain situations. When is it appropriate to wear it? 

“I think it’s a really good casual outfit, I wouldn’t say it’s anything meant for super professional things,” said student Kaden Fields. “I’ve seen a lot of classmates wear it, and I think it looks like a perfect go-to class outfit, it’s very comfortable, something nice to wear.”

Arguably a bigger debate than the sweatsuit is the “groutfit,” or an all-gray outfit. While forms of the combination have been around for a while, it seems like only recently it has become more socially acceptable. 

“I feel like if you add a pop of color like in your shoes or in your jewelry, where it’s not just all gray then it looks better,” said student Myra Engram. 

Kallsen had a similar attitude towards the “groutfits” seen throughout today’s typical daily attire. 

“I love a groutfit, I really do, It’s not something super innovative or something we haven’t seen before or even chic, but I think it’s fun and classic, and I think there’s a lot you can do with a groutfit, and I think you can make them fun and personalized,” Said Kallsen. “There’s a lot of freedom with a groutfit.”

Like most fashion trends, there is always the concern of overconsumption alongside the increase in fast fashion, which is low-priced clothing that is usually made in low-quality facilities that mass-produce items.  

“I think social media has a big factor in that and like influencers are influencer marketing promoting Shein and anything like that,” said student Katelyn Poch. 

For people this seems to be the best solution to find matching sets for an affordable price, with some sets, such as on the clothing brand Shein, being as low as $10. Although these prices are inexpensive for most, they usually come with a moral cost. 

“I work at the Quarters so I see all the packages come through, and there are so many Shein boxes that come in,” said Poch. “It’s insane to me that people order so much fast fashion or like TikTok shop clothes just because it’s a millisecond of a trend. That for sure has increased a lot.” 

Although it may seem to be fun to keep up with the newest fashion trends, it is important to remember the impact that it has on the world. It is important to consider the impact of where a garment may end up before choosing to click purchase.