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When and Wear: Charlies Book Store and Fan Shop

For the most part, every student at USD knows what Charlie’s store is, but not many know about the inner workings of the university’s bookstore and fan shop. 

Before the Muenster University Center became home to what is now Charlies Store in 2019, the university’s main bookstore was run by Barnes & Noble.

“I started in communications and doing all the stuff for admissions, communications, print,” said Manager of University Retail Operations, Brittany Sage. “And then marketing took over (the bookstore) and then I became part of marketing. So I took it on and here I am, still here.”

Perhaps one of the most important things about an on-campus merchandise store is the designs and overall appeal of the apparel being sold. Charlie’s clothing is designed via the designers and creative services of the USD marketing department.

“USD is unique in that we have our own marketing department, where we have our designers and creative services,” Said Sage. “So if we have vendors that don’t design, then we lean on our team, otherwise our vendors send us their designs and we pick and choose what we like.”

While the shop tries to cater to the students of USD, some students have opposing opinions about the appeal of the apparel. 

“It could be better, I think they do a lot of the same things over. They need to have less t-shirts and cuter stuff for tailgates, like jean jackets,” said freshman Yadhira Gonzalez. “A lot of their clothes are behind the trends.”

Other students like Junior Cassidy Davis finds the merchandise to be attractive because it is unique and trendy. 

A common criticism of the store is the price of the garments. According to Sage, all items are pre ticked and pre priced, meaning the prices usually go up when items are logoed due to royalties. 

“The store is definitely a little spendy but at the same time they are mainly selling merch so it does make sense,” Said sophomore Brodie Hartz. 

Another student, junior Emma Henrich, while enjoying most of what the brick and mortar store has to offer, wishes that they would include more apparel with the vintage Charlie Coyote, saying it is adorable and offers more than the coyote paw print or USD logo. 

“My grandma was the very first women’s coach at USD and so I’ve been slowly getting all her things. There’s some really, really fun designs,” said Sage. “I think we’d love to do some throwback type designs and look through some old yearbooks. I get a ton of ideas from what people are wearing, that I know isn’t from our store, that I know is older.”

Whether one hates the color or loves it. Sage’s main objective is to get people in red. While nothing is perfect, Charlies aims to create a convenient and unique experience for USD students, faculty, guests and more.