When and Wear: Charlies Book Store and Fan Shop

For the most part, every student at USD knows what Charlie’s store is, but not many know about the inner workings of the university’s bookstore and fan shop.  Before the Muenster University Center became home to what is now Charlies Store in 2019, the university’s main bookstore was run by Barnes & Noble. “I started […]

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Charlie’s bookstore: now just a pickup window?

Charlie’s Bookstore has been a staple in the Coyote community for textbook purchases and USD merchandise, but is undergoing changes as USD students adjust to online textbook purchases. Charlie’s replaced Barnes & Noble in April of 2019 with Akademos to create an online platform for students to purchase textbooks. The online bookstore, which goes by […]

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Barnes & Noble’s Black History Month campaign was a flop

Barnes & Noble attempted to bring awareness to Black History Month this week, but unfortunately missed the mark when they announced their money-grabbing, insensitive campaign. Barnes & Noble announced this month they were going to re-release literary classics with news covers reimagining protagonists as characters of color. Some of the books included were The Wizard of […]

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