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Birthright citizenship should be ended

Most cliques die off after high school. The citizenship clique, however, is never-ending.

This clique creates an identity crisis, and forces certain members of society to be persecuted and marginalized. These marginalized members of second-class society experience an identity crisis, and can never live up to their full potential as members of society. Birthright citizenship creates this identity crisis, and moves us further away from a more inclusive, borderless world.

A borderless world would allow members to work toward a greater good, without creating a lower class of people. Birthright citizenship creates a lower class of citizens.

Birthright citizenship gives people the idea that there are citizens who belong and non-citizens who do not belong. Those who “do not belong” are forced to live underneath society, and are not allowed to flourish as citizens.

Birthright citizenship creates a clique among those who are citizens. The citizens believe that they are superior to the non-citizens. This leads to more xenophobia among the citizens, making it even harder for the non-citizens to flourish as members of society.

Birthright citizenship only polarizes the immigration issue.

A borderless world would allow non-citizens to flourish. Without the exclusive labels, these non-citizens will be viewed as equal members of society.

When they are viewed as equal members of society, xenophobia has no chance to survive. In a borderless world, there is no exclusion. In a borderless world, there is no xenophobia. In a borderless world, everyone wins.

I’m not an immigrant-hating xenophobe. Birthright citizenship, however, perpetuates the xenophobic feelings that lead to non-citizens being marginalized and forced into the gutters of society.

When there are no borders, there is no xenophobia or second-class society. All are equal in a borderless world. Stand with equality, and stand against birthright citizenship.