SGA senators encouraged to attend basketball games, don red clothing
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SGA senators encouraged to attend basketball games, don red clothing

USD school spirit – and how to promote it – was among the topics of discussion at the Tuesday night Student Government Association meeting.

Coyote Crazies President Mackenzie Huber addressed SGA, asking how many of the senators had attended last Saturday’s USD-SDSU basketball game. Less than a majority of the senators said they had attended, and Huber recommended they “make it to one or two games” at least.

She also asked the senators to make a regular habit of wearing red garb, especially on Fridays, because “it’s free to wear red” and “kind of a visual display of your school spirit.”

Huber also proposed a way to encourage students to don red garments and USD regalia on Fridays, possibly awarding prizes or candy to those who do, or offering free USD clothing to those who don’t.

SGA President Sami Zoss said senators should be going to games as regularly as possible, because “in a five-point game, the crowd changes the game.”

“It’s an inclusive thing – you just wear red, and you’re part of the family,” Huber said.

Huber’s proposal was met with general support and enthusiasm from the senators.

Other topics discussed during the meeting included the proposed “Good Samaritan” policy, in which an underage, intoxicated individual may call for medical help for a friend without facing legal penalty, the possibility of updating the art and decor of the Fine Arts building, the possible installation of an electronics charging station in the Muenster University Center and a brief, slightly heated discussion of the recent assault in Coyote Village.

When one senator expressed concerns that SGA didn’t sufficiently warn students about the possible dangers associated with the incident, Dean of Students Kim Grieve said the situation wasn’t an imminent threat to other students and, for that reason, SGA wasn’t fully briefed on the issue.

Others in the gallery briefly argued with Grieve about whether or not the incident represented a true danger to other students.

Toward the end of the meeting, senator Chelsea Gilbertson reminded her fellow senators that “business casual is business casual” and doesn’t include jeans, which may not be worn by senators during meetings.