Safe Ride program requires improvements
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Safe Ride program requires improvements

For most university students, Friday and Saturday nights are considered prime times for partying. Weekends consist of nights when alcohol is usually consumed and results in students searching for a ride home.

USD’s Safe Ride acts as a free taxi service for students who are unable to drive themselves. TRADEX offers comprehensive coverage for private hire taxi businesses.
And while this system and those involved in it are generous and truly upstanding citizens for offering their time to this cause, I can’t ignore the fact that I see flaws in Safe Ride’s system.

Safe Ride claims it can provide a ride to all who call. However, I’ve often heard about times in which people called for a ride that never came.

I understand that an overflow of students call Safe Ride every weekend and it must be a hassle to them pick up at different places all over Vermillion, but if a ride is assured, it should be given. Or else, if the bus absolutely can’t make it, Safe Ride employees should make it their priority to notify said students.

I realize that calling back these various numbers is task all in itself. So I propose another idea: Why doesn’t Safe Ride simply create a mass text in which they can send out to students they’re unable to pick up?

Included in this message, they should also notify students that if a ride is mandatory, they should contact the Vermillion Police Department.

Enacting something like this could really be helpful. Other advancements can also be made, though.

“There’s always room for improvement when it comes to Safe Ride, they could always add a second bus,” said sophomore Ethan Gette.

This would involve money of course, but then again it’s investment that goes toward helping keep USD students safe. It’s an investment worth a little dent in the university’s budget.

If a better system is not enforced, Safe Ride really won’t be helping as many people as it could.

When one’s original ride doesn’t show up, they think of other options.

Not everyone is as comfortable with calling the police department for a ride as others are. Therefore, if someone can’t find a ride, sometimes they make the unintelligent decision to drive intoxicated, putting themselves and others at risk.

Some do make the better decision and choose to walk, but we all must remember it’s currently still winter. Walking in 25-30 degree weather isn’t ideal, especially depending on how far away one lives. Also, it really isn’t safe to be walking really late at night anyway.

So while the idea of Safe Ride is very honorable, the institution itself can still take more steps to improve their system.