Vermillion woman opens new ‘thrift and gift’ store downtown

After a few months of being vacant, antiques and vintage home decor are once again being sold at one downtown storefront. The Treasure Trove recently opened its doors to shoppers after the Infinite Variety secondhand shop that once occupied the same space closed this past summer. Like Infinite Variety, The Treasure Trove specializes in vintage […]

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SGA discusses bylaws, writes phrases on construction paper at weekly meeting

At the most recent Student Government Association meeting, a senate bill to amend the constitution and bylaws of SGA to make the governing body more inclusive and the concern of students smoking on campus was discussed. The senate bill to amend the constitution and bylaws to make SGA more inclusive was very rapidly discussed. Senators […]

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Argentinian piano player serenades USD

On Monday, the Warren M. Lee Center for the Fine Arts hosted international pianist Ingrid Fliter for a concert in the Colton Recital Hall. Fliter was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She began her piano studies in her native Argentina with a teacher named Elizabeth Westerkamp, and by the time she was 11-years-old, Fliter began playing […]

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Editorial: Sex education, STI prevention important for college students

Sex. How appalling it is that such a short word can provoke such a wide range of reactions. Although none of us would be here without it, and its influence permeates throughout mass media, openly discussing sex often feels taboo. This uneasiness, however, leads to spreading sexually transmitted infections and misinformation. College hookup culture lends […]

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