Students, faculty voice concerns after presidential election

With four words crudely scrawled on a piece of paper and shoved under her door last Thursday, first-year Valerie Sunderland’s fears about what a future Donald Trump presidency might entail for her as a black student became a reality. “At that moment, you know, I had never felt more unsafe being who I am in […]

11 mins read

Veterans reflect on meaning of Veterans Day, petition for new flagpole

While many students appreciated the three-day weekend for Veterans Day, veterans on campus reflected on what the day means to them. “I think that it’s taking time to reflect on those who serve and have served. In my opinion it’s trying to say, ‘Hey we view this as important and the U.S. military is a critical asset to […]

6 mins read

New Dakota Days video garners more than 23,000 views

The 2015 Dakota Days video spread across the country like wildfire, garnering immense popularity. This year’s Dakota Days video, however, has been even more popular according to its creator, reaching 500 retweets in less than 24 hours. The sequel video, produced by USD graduate Byron Banasiak, was filmed over the course of the week of Dakota […]

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