Player of the Pack: Tyler Frank
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Player of the Pack: Tyler Frank

Tyler Frank is a senior accounting major and a member of the track and field team.
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Clay Conover: Why are you an accounting major?

Tyler Frank: I went to school for business management, and I thought it was a little vague so I switched to accounting. It was really tough. I just stuck through it and I’m glad I did because it gives me a perspective inside of businesses and gives me a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had.

CC: How do you juggle accounting with athletic activities?

TF: If you could imagine juggling violently, that’s how I would describe it. Just because I’m involved in so many extra circulars, it’s just border line impossible to do so. I’m involved in the startup community in South Dakota for businesses. I’m actively working on two startup companies, both based at USD. I partake in a lot of business competitions. We actually just went to a competition and won two grand.