Player of the Pack: Mary Wester
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Player of the Pack: Mary Wester

Mary Wester is a sophomore nursing major and a member of the track and field team.

Clay Conover: What is your favorite part of USD?

Mary Wester: The community that comes along with USD and the culture. I am from a small town and so it’s really easy for someone from a small town to be attracted to USD. With a small town culture comes a lot of support that you don’t even know you have. People and teachers will talk to you, come to the track meets, come to the sporting events and will support you even without having to advertise the fact that you’re an athlete. Same with the kids in the town. Like with the WNIT championship, the whole state was here. That’s really cool.

CC: What is your favorite part of being on the track team?

MW: My favorite part about track is that it is an individual event, but we are very team based. We focus a lot on the conference championship. We focus a lot on getting people to the first round. Even with the throws team, we’re all trying to de well individually, we all try to do well as a group. So we want to rise our group up as one of the best girls’ programs.