Coyote Crazies looking to ‘Defend the Dome’
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Coyote Crazies looking to ‘Defend the Dome’

This tailgate season, Coyote Crazies is trying new ideas and improving old ones.

Coyote Crazies is a student-led fan group aimed at getting more students engaged in USD athletic events. The group is the only official student section organization at USD.

“Our whole theme this year is ‘Defend the Dome,’” senior Morgan Huber said. “And so that’s our huge thing this year, to get people to come to the Dome.
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A lot of our new projects are going to be based around that idea, so we’re hoping that sparks some interest and gets us some new members this year.”

Huber, the Coyote Crazies merchandise chair, said all students are welcome to join the organization at any time.

“It’s a fairly new organization and I think a group of students just got together and they wanted more attendance at Division I athlete games like basketball and football,” Huber said. “So they started an organization to promote the athletic department and USD in general.”

Coyote Crazies membership costs $20 for the year and includes a free T-shirt and incentives like advanced tickets, early admission and priority seating.

Senior Sawyer Stevens, the organization’s president, said he’s looking forward to having new members join and continuing to work towards building a committed fan base at USD.

“Our number one goal each year is to have a bigger attendance at football, basketball and volleyball games,” Stevens said. “It’s a struggle to get students to stay at games longer and to even come to the games.”

Huber, now in her fourth year being involved in Coyote Crazies, is in charge of buying and selling all the organization’s merchandise and prizes.

“I played sports in high school and I don’t play sports here, so I just wanted to get involved in athletics and I felt like Coyote Crazies was a cool idea,” Huber said.

Huber said she thinks Coyote Crazies has had a huge impact on the student body’s school spirit and game attendance.

“It encourages people to go to games more,” Huber said. “Our members last year were close to 600, and this year I think we’re trying to go over that. We’ve informed the student body a lot more. Even if you’re not an athlete on campus, it just shows coming to games is cool.”