Beware of offensive Halloween costumes
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Beware of offensive Halloween costumes

Halloween is that time of year where people can be whatever they want to be. It’s fun to dress up, mix and match costumes and go crazy when applying make-up.

There are times, however, when people go overboard in their haste to put together that perfect costume.

While it’s fun to try out different forms of make-up that normally is only appropriate during comic conventions or Halloween, it’s important to remember that some forms of applying make-up could be taken the wrong way. It’s important to be aware that certain clothing items could be considered inappropriate.

For example, when a white person tries to dress up as a black person. There’s a strong likelihood this will be viewed as racist.

I’m white, so there’s only so much that can be spoken of the other part of Halloween that’s from an outsider’s point of view, but it’s important to realize when a costume is discriminatory.

Often it’s difficult to know when an action, such as dressing up as someone else for Halloween or any other occasion, might be considered offensive. 

I try to go with the mantra: it never hurts to ask. Considering another person’s perspective is important when picking out an inoffensive costume.

Sometimes people think about wearing a particular costume without realizing how it might be perceived by those of another ethnicity that their costume is trying to portray.

Costumes that poke fun at, or try to mimic another culture, are often racist and not respectful of those from different ethnic backgrounds. They shouldn’t be worn.

More often than not, if someone dresses up to look like someone or something depicting a different ethnicity, it’s inappropriate.

For example, a white person dressing up as a Mexican, or what the chain store perceives to be Mexican, would be considered offensive because that white person isn’t from that culture.

Instead, it’s important to consider other options. For instance, there are the classic vampire or witch costumes, or dressing up as zombies.

While dressing up is fun, it’s important to consider that fun can easily turn into something else.

Generally any costume that is poking fun at, or inaccurately portraying, a culture is offensive. 

While Halloween is a time to be anything imaginable and a time to poke fun at the unexplainable, it’s important to put others into consideration so it’s not just one person having a fun time.