Editorial: USD students need to attend the full football game
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Editorial: USD students need to attend the full football game

The USD Coyotes football team is ranked third in its division, barely falling behind Illinois State and North Dakota State University.

This is a first for the Coyotes since entering Division I. The 4-0 record, three of those wins being on the road, is a fantastic start.

For the first time in a while, the Coyotes are a force to contend with. The games against Drake and the University of North Dakota sent a message to the rest of the league that the moto “FeaRED” is no longer just a catchy phrase. The Yotes have performed to a level where their actions have even warranted a spot on an ESPN top 10 plays list.

For the football to keep their new-found reputation, students need to give them their support.

On Saturday, the Coyotes will face the Youngstown State Penguins in their second conference match. Not only is this the Dakota Day’s game, it’s perhaps the most important game for the Coyotes thus far this season. The Penguins are 3-1, but have defeated SDSU. The pressure is on.

It’s imperative that USD students stay for the whole game on Saturday. We should give our team a student section packed with energy.

Student-athletes have expressed their views in the past about students bailing at halftime. A strong team needs a strong fanbase. An empty student section only damages the players’ morale. Students have bemoaned in the past that the team doesn’t win; perhaps if more students stayed, the record would be better.

Student-athletes train hard for these games. For students to abandon their team and fellow classmates, it’s extremely disheartening.

The football game is an integral part of Dakota Days. Students ought to stay the whole game, not just until half-time before going off to other festivities. The best party comes after witnessing an exhilarating win.

The energy, the excitement, the camaraderie that will be present Saturday is unmatched in any other game (save, perhaps, for the State game). There’s a sense of pride walking out of the Dome on a Saturday afternoon after a brilliant win, none more so than after a D-Days victory.

To truly experience a complete D-Days, the football game can’t be missed, not even the last half.

Go Yotes, and Happy D-Days!