Four courses I believe everyone should take
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Four courses I believe everyone should take

One of my favorite times of the semester is approaching: registration time. I love it because I like finding that one fun or interesting sounding class to add each semester to keep my schedule interesting.

After looking through the spring semester schedule for next term, here are four classes I think every USD student should consider taking.

SPCM/WMST 415: Communication & Gender

Communication & Gender, which is offered under both the speech and women studies departments, takes a look at the theories and issues of how men and women communicate.

One possible issue is male normative alexithymia. According to the American Psychological Association, male normative alexithymia is where men have difficulty putting into words their emotions and asking for help.

This could be why men could fear the phrase, “We need to talk.”

ENGL 492: Literature & Medicine

According to a flyer hung around campus, Heather Love’s lit course Literature & Medicine will focus on topics pertaining to why authors write books about health issues and how literature can help us handle health issues.

The course aims to look at the difficult ethical issues doctors face, the hardships patients and their love ones face and the effects that illness has on people.

As a fan of the television shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” ABC’s new show “The Good Doctor” and “ER,” it’s enticing to spend a semester diving into different medical stories.

ENGL/HIST/REL/CLHU 404: Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology can be taken underneath the English, history, religion or classical humanities departments.

What’s appealing about this, there’s a greater cross section of students from different disciplines. This cross section of students and disciplines means discussions might take the form of how some myths are historically important and others are religiously important.

I find mythology interesting because I can find inspiration for artwork as a studio art major.

Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy discussing Prometheus or Pandora’s box? Or even the Trojan War?

Art 286: Serigraphy

Also known as screen printing, I’ve wanted to take a serigraphy course for years.

What makes printmaking interesting is that it can utilize both drawings by hands as well as digital renderings.

I personally have dangerously bad handwriting. Combining computer generated text and a hand drawing helps to create more legible and cool posters.

The other reason why serigraphy is on my class bucket list is because I’m hoping there’ll be some screen printing on shirts. Being able create my own T-shirt design is an exciting prospect.

Even though graduating in four years is important, fitting in interesting classes is just as important.

Regardless if it’s to see how different genders communicate or strolling down memory lane of mythology, it never hurts to enjoy education.