Player of the Pack: Jacob Barents
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Player of the Pack: Jacob Barents

Jacob Barents is a senior majoring in kinesiology and sport science.

Karina Dufoe: How does being powerful in the weight room translate into being able to throw further in the ring?

JB: It really helps having good weight room numbers if I’m able to translate it into my events. Creating functional strength is one of the most important roles that the weight room can play. Being strong enough to hold positions and being able to recruit the fast-twitch muscles can help time up better and better throws.

KD: How has the transition been from a junior college to USD?

JB: The transition has been a lot smoother than I originally thought it would be. When I was at IWCC we competed at larger track meets with Division I schools, so I was exposed to good competition early. The biggest difference has been in coaching, not too many people in the country can match his (AG Kruger) knowledge and experience.

KD: What does having the school record mean to you?

JB: My motivation comes from falling short of making it to the NCAA championships. It’s always been a dream of mine to compete at the indoor and outdoor championships in Track Town USA. Knowing now that it’s not a dream anymore and it’s a real possibility to be in the mix with the best of the best is what keeps me going.