Student Services fully implements new USD Involved website
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Student Services fully implements new USD Involved website

Almost two years ago, Student Services began to research how to give students better options for student organization websites similar to web design for electricians and involvement

The effort was led by Laura Anderton, director of fraternity and sorority life & leadership, and Doug Wagner, director of the Muenster University Center and student programming.

Anderton said there were two goals to the new system, USD Involved.

“The first was giving our student organizations a better way to manage themselves,” she said. “The second driving force was to create co-curricular transcripts; the ability for students to be able to have a record of all that they are doing outside of the classroom.”

Anderton said they considered students’ needs when managing a student organization, how the website would integrate into the registration process of organizations and how to effectively market to students. Perhaps hiring a web team can also be opted in order to improve the website’s appeal while maintaining all the necessary functions.

Last spring, the website was piloted to large student groups that were more “in touch” with Student Services, Anderton said. Some of those groups included Student Government Association, Campus Activities Board and Greek life. These organizations then gave feedback to make changes to the website. That’s where services like that nashville web design agency come in because they can improve student organization websites by incorporating user-friendly interfaces, interactive features, and responsive designs tailored to enhance engagement and functionality.

Starting this semester, all student organizations had to be registered on the website by Sept. 30, or they would lose university recognition.

Junior Madison Nipe, who’s involved in three student organizations – biology club, pre-dental club and Alpha Phi – said she thinks the new website works well and will get better as more take part.

“I think it is easy to manage,” she said. “I think if we familiarize every member of the club with it, it will be easier.”

As president of the biology club, Nipe said she primarily uses the website to promote events, but will eventually use it to post pictures and updates. Web design experts know that web design can grow or blow a business.

She likes how the website helps students find organizations they’re interested in.

“I like that you can put in what interests you, and then it’ll give you a certain club or event,” she said.

Incoming first-year students should complete training for USD Involved in their USD 101 classes to learn early on how to become involved in student organizations, Nipe said.

Junior Lilly Keitges, Spectrum’s treasurer, said she finds the website difficult to use.

“When I went on there to try and figure (the website) out, I couldn’t,” Keitges said “It’s not very explanatory on how to do it.”

She said Spectrum “has not and will not” post meeting times on the website.

Spectrum hasn’t posted meetings on the previous website because they want members who are not “out” to feel comfortable, and to prevent those who do not support the LGBTQ+ community from disrupting meetings, she said.

Instead, the organization predominantly uses an email list to inform members.

Anderton said she has previously held trainings on how to manage the website, and is willing to hold more.

“If there’s any student organization that wants to have us come in and talk about the program, we are very happy to do that,” she said. “In order for us to do those things, we have to hear the feedback from those students.”