Player of the Pack: Elizabeth Loschen
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Player of the Pack: Elizabeth Loschen

Elizabeth Loschen is a sophomore volleyball player majoring in finance.

Karina Dufoe: How was playing for Team USA this summer?

EL: Playing for Team USA this summer was so fun and an amazing opportunity. Playing with other very talented athletes helped me up my game and I loved getting to learn and understand what the goals, priorities, and systems ran are in the USA gym.

KD: How has the team responded to the multiple knee injuries this season?

EL: As a whole, the team understands that each one of us needs to step up our game and always do our jobs to the best of our abilities. We say that we have to play hard for the girls who can’t right now. And everyone has been successful so far in stepping up. How a team responds to adversity like this shows a lot of character.

KD: With all of the injuries will your role on the team change?

EL: My role is changing slightly I would say. I could be playing on the outside, middle, right side or back row in any match from now on, so I’m preparing for each of those scenarios.