Being an introvert in college has its benefits
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Being an introvert in college has its benefits

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an introverted student.

I used to think introversion was a weakness, but I’ve come to realize that it’s an asset. I’m doing better in school, I’m making friends and I don’t really go out except to work or for the occasional fast food run.

It gives me focus and perspective on what’s truly important. Introverted students must realize that college isn’t about how many parties they went to or how many friends they made. It’s about how successful they were in class.

Finding an outlet is another important part of being an introvert in college. In high school I was in choir and I had a choir teacher who brought so much out of me. Marjorie Simons-Bester gave me a voice and taught me that no matter who someone is, they belong.

Although I’m not involved in music anymore, I found something else that I’m passionate about: photography.

Taking photos has always been a big part of me, but didn’t realize what I could do until I got to college. It gives me a purpose and I push myself to perfect my skills as a photographer and a journalist.

My camera also helps me understand people in a more intimate way. As an introverted student, it’s important to find an outlet, a place I can go to socialize and participate in something that’s important to me.

It’s vital that I surround myself with people that’ll bring me out of my shell. My friends bring out the best of who I am.

Sometimes it’s lonely, but the friendships an introvert makes are very meaningful. Everything will be worth it when the college career ends; those close-knit relationships will be worthwhile.

Sometimes it’s important to take some risks. I constantly try to do things I’m uncomfortable with and go to places I’ve never been before.

My closest friends help me with this, no matter how much I may object. Taking risks and having new experiences adds to the college experience in a more meaningful way.

A lesson can be made from introverts. Although we don’t socialize very much, we’re very centered when it comes to studies and will work very hard to get what we want.

We’re also very passionate people and will do everything for the people we care about. Nothing against extroverts, but I love who I am and love being an introvert.