How the DNC rigged the primary election for Hillary Clinton
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How the DNC rigged the primary election for Hillary Clinton

We were blessed Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidential election last November. To have a dishonest individual who cared so much about winning an election the DNC had to rig the primary election against Bernie Sanders is sick.

If the election wasn’t rigged, Bernie Sanders may have had a real chance of being the primary candidate for the Democratic party this past presidential election.

The way in which the American people found out the dishonest campaign of Hillary Clinton was rigged was when the emails were leaked from WikiLeaks.

These emails showed strong evidence that people within the DNC were trying to defeat Bernie Sanders and the excuse they used was his religious beliefs. They wanted to use the fact that Bernie Sanders was raised Jewish against him and try and claim he was an atheist.

The DNC was supposed to be neutral when going into the primary election, but these emails prove the DNC was team Clinton long before the results of the primary election came out.

Because of this evidence, the chairperson at the time, Debbie Wasserman, lost her job. Donna Brazile is now the current chairperson of the DNC, even though she’s just as bad because they both knew that the election was rigged.

One is not better than the other because both were willing to lie to the American people. In 2016, there was an attempt by the Sanders supporters to push Donna Brazile out of office. It failed.

It blows my mind how people such as Donna Brazile knew the election was being rigged and did absolutely nothing to voice their opinions or stop it from going any further.

And now, after the damage was already done, she decides to finally come out and speak about what actually happened. She wrote a book about it and is making money off telling how she was one of the people who lied to the American people.

I feel like if Hillary Clinton would’ve won the presidential election, Donna Brazile wouldn’t have spoken up at all. Bernie Sanders never had a chance with the deep pockets and twisted mind of the Clinton campaign.

This is another reason I don’t see how some individuals were so upset when President Donald Trump won the election. These individuals would rather have someone who lies to them in office, than someone who is honest and tells the American people how it is, such as President Trump.