Player of the Pack: Matt Mooney
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Player of the Pack: Matt Mooney

Matt Mooney is a junior on the men’s basketball team majoring in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Karina Dufoe: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season/expectations for the team?

MM: I’m extremely excited and pumped for the upcoming season. We’ve worked really hard this offseason and it’s been a while since we’ve played. I think coming off of a pretty good season, along with the new facility will make playing at home a great atmosphere this year. We have very high expectations. We know we are capable of being an NCAA tournament team and making a deep run. We want to repeat as conference champs, and this time win the conference tournament. The Summit League is a great league, but we know we have the right guys in the locker room that are capable of winning the league.

KD: How are you feeling after recovering from an injury this offseason?

MM: I feel really good. I’ve recovered faster than the doctors expected. I’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and I’m not expected to miss any games this season. I just have to stay on top of it, with stretching, mobility, recovery and getting my body ready to go before workouts, practices and games.

KD: What are your personal goals for the season?

MM: Personally, I just want to win, and I know that through team success comes individual success. I strive to be one of the best players in the country and I would love to be Player of the Year in the Summit League, but what matters is winning and playing for each other, and I know the rest will take care of itself.

KD: What made you choose your major/what about it do you love?

MM: I chose innovation and entrepreneurship as my major because it fits me as a person. I’m a risk taker and I like the excitement and thrill involved in entrepreneurship. I enjoy challenges, and entrepreneurship is just that. Hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to play professionally, but once my career is over I would love to coach or get into entrepreneurship and start my own business. I also want to do some service at some point, too.