Students shouldn’t be required to live in dorms
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Students shouldn’t be required to live in dorms

The first two years of college are always the hardest. Between balancing time, paying bills and figuring out what they want to do with their lives, it becomes almost too hard for students to bear.

So why are students required to live in the dorms?

USD policy dictates that first- and second-years are required to live on campus. In a way, this policy is sabotaging people’s success.

No matter where a student comes from, there’s a culture shock that exists between high school and college. People must adjust quickly just to keep up.

If a student is required to live in the dorms, studying and even managing time becomes harder.

I remember living in a dorm and hating it. It became harder for me to focus on my academics because there was so much going on.

Between noisy roommates and constant music blasting on the floor above me, I was forced to go to a coffee shop just to get some peace and quiet.

I understand the benefits of living in the dorms. Friendships are easily made, and countless events and opportunities are available. Unfortunately, none of that matters if students can’t pass their classes.

Students who pay thousands of dollars to attend college should have the choice of where they want to live. For first-year students especially, they need to find out what’s best for them.

USD isn’t the only college who implements this policy. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Kearney and Augustana are just a few of many in the country with this ridiculous rule.

According to the Washington Post, at least 87 U.S. colleges and universities make first-year students attending college full-time live on campus.

This policy also puts financial stress on students. If these colleges are forcing first-years and sophomores to live in the dorms and purchase a meal plan, that adds to the already overbearing student loans.

Kelsey Berger, a sophomore health services administration major, said only first-year students should be required to live in dorms.

“There are a small amount of dorms available,” Berger said. “A lot of people get stuck in places they don’t want to be in.”

This is discouraging to me, because every student is different in how they learn.

At the end of the day, the most important thing in college is student learning. The long hours, all-nighters, frantic writing and the occasional nervous breakdown seems irrelevant when a student holds the degree in their hands.
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If students are in an environment they don’t like, they can’t possibly succeed.

If USD wants its students to achieve, they need to reevaluate this policy.