Extending a helpful hand is better than ignoring struggling peers
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Extending a helpful hand is better than ignoring struggling peers

As a student who has to endure hours of studying, putting together presentations and completing assignments, it’s easy to forget other students are struggling too.

Students need to realize that helping each other will also benefit them in the long run. There comes a strong sense of self-worth from extending a helping hand.

It’s easy to become self-involved, since finals are looming even closer and the pressure is on to maintain decent grades.

Being kind and taking care of one another doesn’t cost students a dime. If students only cared about themselves, then everyone would be miserable as no helping hands would be present.

Oftentimes, students struggle because they’re afraid to ask for help, whether that help is having a friend listen to their concerns about school or help studying for a class. By just asking for help, students are showing initiative in their education and this will help their communication skills in the long run.

I know there were times where I felt awkward asking someone for help, and whether it was for a ride to the store, or help with homework, I learned over time that if someone can’t, or isn’t willing to provide what I need, then they will tell me.

More often than not, students are willing to help those that are struggling with life or school work. Students shouldn’t be afraid to ask, as other students are only aware of their own personal problems and no one else’s.

Finals are a stressful time for everyone, but it’s better for students to lift one another up than to struggle on their own.

Along with being willing to ask others for help, students should ask other students if they need help as well. Not all students will have the courage to ask.

Being empathetic is a skill all humans need to learn, not just college students, and will allow for a deeper understanding of what students are feeling during the most stressful part of the semester.

Students need to be willing to imagine what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes since not everyone’s thoughts and feelings are exactly the same.

I find tests to be stressful all on their own and I struggle to retain information that I have studied. The second an exam is placed in front of me all the information I stored in my brain leaves.  

This isn’t the case for every student as there might be some students who are adept at retaining information and prefer tests to writing papers.

I would be more than ecstatic to write a 15-page paper over an exam any day of the week, but this is because I enjoy writing. However, I understand that several of my peers don’t feel the same way.

In the previous college I went to students who were comfortable with subjects such as science, math, philosophy, etc., helped other students who struggled in those subjects.

If I hadn’t asked other students for help with my math homework I would still be struggling through community college.

Moving forward, students need to recognize that surviving in the world of academics doesn’t mean only being self-involved as there are other students who are struggling as well.