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Three podcasts everyone should listen to

Over the last couple of years, Podcasts have gained popularity; you can find a podcast on mostly any topic. Even though some podcasts focus on specific topics, here are three podcasts that provide episodes that any USD student can find enjoyable to listen to.

Armchair Export

Dax Shepard uses his background in anthropology, past improv experience and fascinations of learning people’s backstories to interview well-known figures. What is great about Shepard doing this is how we get a more in-depth picture of people like Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell, former Disney star Debby Ryan and American comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

This podcast gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of well-known figures, as well as information to shows and movies. When Debby Ryan was on the podcast, she talked about what it was like being in a star on the Disney Channel and how that lead to where she currently is.

Additionally, in the expand section of the podcast called, “Experts on Expert,” Shepard brings in guests like lawyer Jerry Buting from the hit Netflix series “Making of a Murder.” This allows viewers of the Netflix series an understanding of the show and case.


For students who love myths and legends, especially from around the world, “Spirts” is a great podcast. “Spirits” explores myths, legends and lores while co-hosts Julia and Amanda enjoy spirits in the form of cocktails.

What’s great about this podcast is how the hosts explore a variety form of topics. My personal favorite is their episode “King Arthur”, since I’ve always been a bit interested in Arthurian legend.

They have also divided into Tolkien Mythology, a dissection of well-know series “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”

Spirits also dives into myths and legends from Japan, Egypt and many other countries. Spirits is truly a great way for students to gain not only learn about myths and legends as a whole, but to learn about other cultures as well.

Credit Hour

“Credit Hour” is USD’s in-house podcast. Launched in April of last year, the first episode featured former USD President James Abbott reflecting on both his time as president as well as a bit on his time as a student.

Since then, the podcast has touched on a variety of different topics ranging from the state of the first amendment to defining sustainable education to Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The wide range of topics on “Credit Hour” showcases a combination of what’s going at the university level to what’s going on at a national level.

Additionally, listening to “Credit Hour”, students can get a taste of what their professors’ interests are in their chosen academic fields.

Whether you’re looking for more interviews from your favorite celebrity, wanting to hear some cool legends or get to know some of the USD faculty and staff better, check out these podcasts to have something new to listen to.