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How to support the arts at USD

Supporting the arts in college isn’t a difficult thing to do. After all, it not only benefits art students, but provides something enjoyable to do outside of class. Here are some simple ways to do so here at USD.

Attending shows

One of the easiest ways to support the arts at USD is attending any events hosted in the College of Fine Arts. These events can be found using the USD Calendar and applying ‘Arts & Entertainment’ filter.

Throughout the school year, the John A. Day Gallery has artwork displayed from visiting artists, and at the end of each semester, senior art students have shows. For visual artists, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing people enjoying the artwork that they’ve spent months – and in some cases years – working on.

Music majors put on recitals throughout the year and visiting musicians do performances.

A variety of theater performances are put on throughout the school year, and only cost five dollars. The next performance is Boeing-Boeing, which runs from Feb. 14-17.

For both music and theater majors, there’s nothing more reassuring than seeing people in the auditorium. Especially after spending years learning how to play an instrument, learning their vocal range or spending weeks memorizing lines.

Social Media

Another way to support student artists in through social media. Currently, the USD Theater Department is sharing some behind-the-scenes photos of their next show Boeing-Boeing.

Sharing the Theater Department’s posts allows a wider audience of people to see them. This, in turn, means that there might more people might attend one of the showings.

As for other College of Fine Arts programs and events, sharing on social media in some capacity that you’re attending an event helps to showcase them.


As a studio artist, nothing is more rewarding than the feeling after selling a piece of artwork. One of the benefits of the Stilwell exhibit, which is currently open, is how studio art majors are able to show and sell their artwork.

Purchasing artwork through Stilwell or from the artist directly shows support for the artist, as well as provides some additional income for them. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to obtain new decoration for one’s apartment or dorm room.

The Student Art Alliance often hosts several art sales in the Muenster University Center throughout the academic year. These art sales provide another opportunity for students, faculty and staff to support studio art majors while expanding one’s art collection.

Get involved

There are several different student organizations that any student can join, ranging from the Student Theater Co-op to Sculpture Culture to Student Art Alliance.

By getting involved with any of the art orientated student organizations, you wouldn’t only be supporting the arts, but you would also get a behind-the-scenes look of what goes on in the arts.

Supporting the arts as a college student is easy. Once you find a way you like supporting the arts, it’s easy to do so.