Career Closet providing free dress clothes for students
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Career Closet providing free dress clothes for students

Finding affordable dress clothes can be difficult, especially with the expense of college. That’s why Career Ambassadors’ is hosting the Career Closet event, where students can find professional clothing for free before their next big interview.

Career Closet is a free clothing distribution taking place from 3-5 p.m in the Muenster University Center Pit on Thursday. Students can browse a selection of professional clothes including dress shirts and pants, blazers, ties, dresses and shoes. All clothing is free of charge.

To Ashmita Ghosh, president of Career Ambassadors, distributing clothes means more than easing students’ financial burdens.

“Career Ambassadors aims to provide all students with resources to help them succeed in their career,” Ghosh said. “One aspect of any professional situation is professional attire and we hope to provide options for students who need such clothes to better themselves professionally. In our club, we focus on being better professionals and we hope to spread it across our campus.”

Supplies for the Career Closet event were collected during Career Ambassadors’ professional clothing drive in October. In total, Career Ambassadors collected 158 articles of clothing, with a slightly higher proportion of female clothing than male clothing.

“We definitely didn’t expect to collect as much as we did; in fact, we only expected about a third of our collection,” Ghosh said. “We definitely have a few more items for females than males, but not a lot.”

The Career Closet on Thursday will be the first event of its kind for Career Ambassadors, and the organization hopes to continue hosting events like it in the future, Ghosh said.