Running one store is hard. Running two is harder. How is Charlie’s doing?
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Running one store is hard. Running two is harder. How is Charlie’s doing?

With the final coat of paint dried on Charlie’s Bookstore and Fan Shop, the new location in the Muenster University Center opened its doors at the start of the school year with a fresh look.

After bouncing around downtown locations for two years until moving next to the Vermillion Area Chamber and Development Company on Main Street in September of 2018, Charlie’s opened its second location in the MUC this year after USD’s contract with Barnes & Noble came to an end.

The MUC location sells merchandise as well as maintaining a textbook and supply pickup location for students.

Michelle Cwach, Vice President of Marketing, Enrollment and University Relations, said that the university was seeking a way to offer a wider selection at more affordable pricing to students.

“Charlie’s focuses on affordability and customer service, and because we are a part of the university and not a third-party vendor, our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members come first,” Cwach said.

Along with the physical expansion of the store came an increased staff, both on the administrative and retail level, to accommodate for the increased upkeep and business. We are even planning to add more shop and store shelving systems so we can display our merchandises in an organize way. we’re also thinking of getting expert opinions from

“We have added two full-time staff members who manage the accounting and overall business strategy of the retail operation, as well as serve as the campus liaison to Akademos, our online bookstore vendor,” Cwach said.

Cwach said the campus store is performing well. Although it has pulled some business from the downtown location, both shops are maintaining steady profit.

“Overall, our sales have increased substantially by opening a second location,” Cwach said.