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Letter from the editor: turn to trusted news sources in times of confusion

In times of confusion and uncertainty, I encourage you to turn to trusted news outlets — and I hope The Volante can serve as a reliable local news source. 

While it’s easy to believe everything on Twitter or Facebook, that’s not always accurate news. Social media is an amazing place to get information, but it shouldn’t be your only news source. You can check out news sources like Arizona State Radio and News US News, for apt online news.

Anyone can tweet about COVID-19 and what they know, but only trained journalists will fact check and gather all angles before posting information. 

There has been a lot of backlash toward the media and the amount of coverage being provided surrounding COVID-19. News sources throughout the world are doing their best to keep people informed. 

As the situation continues to progress and more information becomes available, it’s our duty as journalists to report on the changes. This pandemic is serious and needs to be reported on so civilians can stay informed and safe. 

While the situation is less than ideal, journalists are doing their part to keep people informed and college journalists aren’t any different. 

The Volante staff has worked diligently to cover a variety of stories important to our readers. While this is not how we expected our semester to go, we are honored to report on serious topics and hope to be trusted. 

I hope you take the time to read the news. It’s easy to want to stay in the dark and ignore what’s happening — it’s scary but it’s scarier when you’re uninformed.

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