We all want the same thing
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We all want the same thing

Amid the COVID-19 disruption gripping the nation, it’s difficult to ignore the constant online presence of politics; and the finger pointing that occurs on seemingly every news outlet, social media account or viral video.

This relentless barrage of information is both confusing and unsettling, as it leaves our country in a state of apprehension. The timing of this pandemic makes these arguments particularly important, as the presidential election draws closer despite the disarray we currently face.

Yes, the reality of America is a two-party system, with parties that strongly disagree on the ways to go about reaching end goals. Yes, the country is divided and it’s easy to blame the systems as a whole and dismiss “opposing” viewpoints.

But that shouldn’t lead to the never ending blanket statements being thrown towards either side, nor to writing off the other half of the country as lunatics or worse.

Fiscal planning, gun laws and restrictions, immigration, everything, must have a resolution if we are to continue moving forward. We cannot continue to base our beliefs on Facebook or hearing quotes out of context.

Absolutely, we should hold those in power accountable who are truly responsible for weakening America, we should be having conversations and pay attention to the negative actions of those representing us. However, it is often easy to be so focused on the end goal that we miss the collaboration necessary.

We sidestep the planning and go for gold without preparation. Quite frankly, it has become exhausting and the negative has only intensified with this pandemic.

At the end of the day, the majority of Americans aren’t as different as it may seem. We all want what’s best for the people we care about, whether that is family, friends, or community members.

Right now, we specifically wish to protect our loved ones from illness. And that’s what we should be focusing on.