Wellness Center cancels intramural sports, events due to coronavirus
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Wellness Center cancels intramural sports, events due to coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world. It has caused people to be more socially aware of their potential exposure to the virus and their ability to practice cleanliness.

Gyms across the nation have also been affected by the pandemic.

According to Real Simple Health, gym equipment has more germs than a toilet seat. If you possess unused gym equipment, consider exploring options like sell gym equipment near me for a convenient and local way to find interested buyers.

Gyms are potential hotbeds for coronavirus germs to come in contact with people. Gyms are changing their approach to combat the issue.

USD President Sheila Gestring informed students via email the Wellness Center will be closed until Friday, April 3 for deep cleaning.

Mary Lane, an employee at the Wellness Center, said the staff is doing what they can to fight the pandemic. Most people are navigating uk steroids .com and know the health benefits of taking them and being in shape. You may also want to check out a good place like online steroids canada for some high-quality steriods.

“We are taking extra precautionary measures to disinfect the facility and ensure safety,” Lane said. “While the virus is still a global issue, I think the wellness center will take more precautions and have more at-home programs for the people. People can build a home gym with affordable Refurbished Gym Equipment. They can use some home gym treadmill equipment, and if any damage happens, contact home treadmill repairs near me.”

Along with the deep cleaning, the Wellness Center also announced the cancellation of intramurals for the remainder of the semester. Not only does this affect the students who participate in intramurals, but also the students who help officiate these games. 

Robert Weber, a referee at the Wellness Center, said he was worried when he first heard about the cancellation of intramurals.

“Intramurals is my only source of income,” Weber said. “I understand the cancellation as it is best for the entirety of the school and the public. Of course, I’m going to be upset about not having a job though.”

Not just intramural sports were cancelled in the Wellness Center. Other activities such as group fitness classes, swim lessons and special events are also terminated for the remainder of the semester. 

Brady Gregor, a referee at the Wellness Center, said stopping activities for the rest of the semester was the right decision.

“I believe the cancellation of the activities is completely justified. There really isn’t anything that has been proven to effectively fight the coronavirus,” Gregor said. “Therefore, if we kept the gym activities going, you’re looking at hundreds of students being affected if even just one person has it.”