Final SGA meeting of semester sees emergency legislation, approval of budget allocations

The final Student Government Association meeting of the semester saw the emergency passing of a bill that would provide financial help to students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting also saw the ending of budget season with the approval of large and small student organization budgets. SGA President Abuk Jiel introduced Senate Bill 51, […]

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Freshman QB gets an early start with the team

Graduating early from high school was important for USD freshman quarterback Carson Camp. He graduated this fall from Normal Community West High School near Bloomington, Illinois so he could start at USD this spring. Camp said he hoped by getting to USD this spring and working with his teammates over the spring and summer, he […]

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Now is an uncertain time

“Now is an uncertain time.” We hear those words muttered every day by celebrities, politicians and even the institutions we attend. It’s not just now that times are uncertain. Times will continue to be uncertain after social distancing isn’t active anymore and the campus festivities return. This pandemic will affect our lives for years to […]

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Vermillion food programs adapt to continue serving citizens

In the wake of COVID-19, meal providers such as the Vermillion Food Pantry and the Vermillion Welcome Table have been forced to close their physical doors. Despite the drawback, these food services are continuing to provide meals to people in need. The Vermillion Food Pantry ceased walk-in services after the Community Connection Center of Vermillion […]

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Theater department looks forward to returning of students, renovations

Coming back to campus will be different for every department after being away since the middle of March this year. However, for the USD Theatre Department, they will be returning to a newly renovated theater.  The Knutson Theatre is set to be renovated this summer. So far, the renovations have not been postponed. Dr. Raimondo […]

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Graduating into the unknown

The graduating class of 2020 is finishing their time at USD while not actually being on campus. Due to COVID-19, classes were moved online for the rest of the semester and the commencement ceremony was postponed. On April 28, USD officially announced the ceremony would be held on Oct. 24, 2020. The future date for […]

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