The returning textbook process not impacted by COVID-19
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The returning textbook process not impacted by COVID-19

With the school year winding down and classes preparing for the end, students are beginning the process of turning in the textbooks they’ve rented for the year.

Students not being on campus due to the coronavirus pandemic has sparked confusion on how they can turn in their textbooks from home.

Keith Grant, an employee at the Charlie’s Store, said students do not have to go to the store to return their books.

“(The Coronavirus) hasn’t impacted the normal routine of turning in books, since you take them to the post office,” Grant said.

Grant said students should look for information about returning the rented textbooks by accessing the myUSD portal and logging into the bookstore for a list of instructions. According to the website, by the last day of the rental period, students must either buy out their rental or mail rental textbooks back.

For more information on how to return textbooks visit the USD Bookstore website.