Are Colleen Hoover’s Books Going to be Classics Someday?

Colleen Hoover books have been the new rage in the past year, many of her titles going viral through TikTok.  Arguably one of the best books Hoover has written is titled “It Ends With Us,” and the sequel to that novel just released this past month, “It Starts With Us.” This book has publishing companies […]

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Don’t judge a book by it’s movie

Why are people so adamant about books being better than their film adaptations? Most movie adaptations are great, but they just don’t have the same weight as a book. While watching a movie, you are an observer. You can’t feel what a character does. You aren’t reading their innermost thoughts and don’t know their fears […]

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The returning textbook process not impacted by COVID-19

With the school year winding down and classes preparing for the end, students are beginning the process of turning in the textbooks they’ve rented for the year. Students not being on campus due to the coronavirus pandemic has sparked confusion on how they can turn in their textbooks from home. Keith Grant, an employee at […]

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