Are Colleen Hoover’s Books Going to be Classics Someday?

Colleen Hoover books have been the new rage in the past year, many of her titles going viral through TikTok.  Arguably one of the best books Hoover has written is titled “It Ends With Us,” and the sequel to that novel just released this past month, “It Starts With Us.” This book has publishing companies […]

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Christmastime starts in November

The second the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 1, the transition from Halloween and fall decor to Christmas trees and lights immediately begins. By this time, people are sick of all things pumpkin spice and ready to make the shift to all things amoxil online no prescription Some may make the argument that […]

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Challenges of online learning

Although there have been multiple benefits of online learning in the past couple of years, online learning should not be taking the place of in-person classes. Going to class in person offers the student a better chance to get to know their professor, incorporates different learning styles and encourages higher academic development. When taking an […]

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