Valentine’s Day is for friends, not just couples
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Valentine’s Day is for friends, not just couples

Valentine’s Day has always been known as a day for couples to celebrate their love by exchanging gifts, going on dates and posting cheesy social media tributes to one another. This year, it is time to reclaim Valentine’s Day as more than a day celebrating romantic relationships. Just because their love is found outside of a romantic relationship does not make it any less special or valid.

Happiness can sprout from all sorts of people outside of strictly romantic relationships. Strong friendships, which bring feelings of trust, help make life more enjoyable and provide support. Valentine’s Day should be a day that helps recognize and appreciate those healthy friendships.

Extending Valentine’s Day festivities to those who are not in romantic relationships allows for a larger celebration. This means people with busy schedules can meet when they have the opportunity.

This celebration can be done by simply sending an appreciation text to a friend, going out to dinner or grabbing coffee with a loved one. Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to involve spending money. Instead, it can be fun to spend some relaxing time with those you appreciate, like cooking a meal or enjoying a movie together.

Often times it can be easy to make excuses to dismiss small tasks like catching up with a friend. Instead of blaming it on a busy life, make the effort this Valentine’s Day to reach out to someone you love or appreciate. Let them know how special they are to you. It is a great reminder to tell someone you love them.

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. So why not celebrate your friendships too?