Are we getting Starbucks and Panda Express in the MUC?
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Are we getting Starbucks and Panda Express in the MUC?

What dining options are coming to USD and are they what the people want?

As most people have heard, there is a possibility Aramark is leaving and therefore, the food places with it.

I’ve heard UBrew is turning into a Starbucks, Qdoba is becoming a Chipotle, Legacy Wings is leaving and we might get a Panda Express. None of these have been confirmed yet, but it got me thinking, what are the best food options to have on campus?

My dream combination of food places in the MUC would be Panda Express, Olive Garden, Chipotle, Panera, and Chick-fil-A. I think these adequately represent a variety of cuisines.

Panera could replace Erbert’s and Gerbert’s. Although it’s good, Erbert’s and Gerbert’s is pretty mid in regard to Panera’s food.

Olive Garden could replace Legacy Wings. This one is probably the least feasible. I always crave Italian food but it’s never an accessible option on campus. Olive Garden would be a nice change of pace.

Chipotle would swap out Qdoba. This isn’t a huge deal to me, both are good on occasion.

And that means Panda Express would have to offer Chick-fil-A’s spot. This could be controversial but I’m for it. Not everyone likes Chinese food, but I definitely do. I would start a petition to get some sort of Chinese restaurant in the MUC.

Overall, we don’t know if any of our current food places are actually being replaced but a girl can dream. I think the repetition of the same food options can cause food burnout for a lot of people, which is why a change of restaurants could be beneficial for students.

Another benefit of switching options is the “hype” generated behind new businesses, creating more profit for the university.

I mean just based on the Starbucks rumor alone, I have heard an influx of people excited and saying they would get flex just for that alone.

Ask around; see what food your friends would put into the MUC if they could choose. It says a lot about someone.