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Are Colleen Hoover’s Books Going to be Classics Someday?

Colleen Hoover books have been the new rage in the past year, many of her titles going viral through TikTok. 

Arguably one of the best books Hoover has written is titled “It Ends With Us,” and the sequel to that novel just released this past month, “It Starts With Us.” This book has publishing companies saying they have not seen any success like this in years, and thousands of people pre-ordered this novel in anticipation of hearing more about the love story of Lily and Atlas. 

Hoover has made a large positive impact on reading culture, as many people, older adults and young adults alike, have been rediscovering, or even discovering for the first time, their love of reading. 

Although Hoover’s books are skyrocketing on the charts this year, and she does not seem to be getting any less popular, her books still cannot compare to classic literature from F. Scott Fitzgerald or Jane Austen. This takes us into what classifies a book as a classic. 

Classic novels tend to have a large contribution to literature, and they typically need to be read with the same amount of excitement and relevance at the time they were published as they are when read decades later.

Hoover’s books are almost solely romantic fiction. She gets her plots moving quickly, and she just has a way of making the reader feel connected to the protagonists and their lives within the novel. The appeal is how addictive her books are.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a Hoover novel as much as the next person. They are filled with suspense, romance, social-issues and well-developed characters. But the reality is,100 years from now, will people really connect with Colleen Hoover’s books like they do today?