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Never Kettle for Second Best, Tea is Superior

Tea is by far the best drink. Hot or cold, the drink is delicious. There are a bunch of different types of tea: green, black and oolong tea, caffeine-free or herbal infusions and you can never forget about purple tea. 

The process of making tea can be relaxing. Boiling water, putting the tea bag or infuser into the heated water then watching the color seep into the water is fascinating. 

You can also get adorable little tea infusers or teapots if you need lots of tea. There are a bunch of different kinds of tea infusers. There is the basic metal one that looks like a strainer, but there are so many more. I have a sloth tea infuser that hangs onto the side of the mug while my tea steeps. I’ve seen so many more, like the Loch Ness monster, a walrus, snails and rubber duckies. There is no end to all the adorable tea infusers you can find. The teapots also have these cute designs, I’ve even seen one that looks like a mushroom.

As the phrase “too much of a good thing is a bad thing” goes, drinking too much tea can be bad. Supposedly, if you drink more than five cups of tea in one day there can be “negative” side effects like anxiety, headaches and disrupted sleep patterns. But the same thing happens if a person drinks too much coffee. 

Tea does have health benefits. College students need caffeine and tea provides it. It has enough caffeine to help someone stay focused and alert but not so much that it disrupts sleep. Antioxidants found in tea, especially green tea, can improve blood pressure and cholesterol and balances blood sugar. 

Tea is hydrating because it is just water with a little flavor. Drinking it, hot or cold, replaces fluids and hydrates your body and skin.

If you need a soothing and gentle beverage to help with stress, there is nothing better than tea. P.L. Travers called tea “a balm for the soul,” and I’d have to agree.