Christmastime starts in November
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Christmastime starts in November

The second the clock strikes midnight on Nov. 1, the transition from Halloween and fall decor to Christmas trees and lights immediately begins. By this time, people are sick of all things pumpkin spice and ready to make the shift to all things holiday-themed.
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Some may make the argument that those who begin celebrating the holidays at the beginning of November are overlooking Thanksgiving. The space between Halloween and Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to begin Christmas preparation.

The beginning of November is an appropriate, and even encouraged, time to get out all the tubs of Christmas decor from storage, put on Christmas music and decorate every space possible.

One perk of starting the Christmas season at the beginning of November is getting first pick of all the Christmas decor put out in stores. Waiting until Thanksgiving to update your Christmas decor ensures you last pick of the decorations in store.

Another benefit of starting your Christmas spirit in early November is that less stress will follow in the month of December, ensuring a more positive holiday experience. November is a month full of deals on gifts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Procrastinating the purchasing of gifts makes certain a person will feel added tension throughout the holidays. So if you are planning to give a box of cigars as a Christmas gift to a loved one, you may look for a cigar shop that offers great deals on their products.

Some people argue it’s unacceptable to put out Christmas decor, listen to holiday music and watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies before Thanksgiving. The time from post-Thanksgiving to Dec. 25 is just simply not enough time to participate in the holiday festivities.

With the sun setting before 7 p.m. and the weather getting colder, what better way to spend the evening than with getting a fire going, lighting the Christmas tree and putting on a holiday movie? Is there really any downside to celebrating two months of Christmas instead of one?