Wellness Center yoga classes move online
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Wellness Center yoga classes move online

During this time of social distancing, the classrooms aren’t the only thing going online. The USD Wellness Center is now offering online yoga classes through Zoom for students and community members.

Lauren Lavin, senior psychology major and registered yoga instructor, has been teaching yoga for three years at the Wellness Center. She said the recent effects of COVID-19 pushed the Wellness Center to offer the classes online.

“The Wellness Center is really the only option for many people in Vermillion to exercise, so the staff knew that they would need to provide some option for people at home to get moving,” Lavin said in an email interview with The Volante.

The Wellness Center is closed from now until May 15. This is affecting the whole Vermillion community, Lavin said, but keeping the members active is essential to a healthy immune system.

“Some of the best ways to benefit our immune system are movement and socialization,” Lavin said. “With the Wellness Center closed, many are losing their access to not only the fitness center, but also the community of people there.” 

Lavin is reaching out to her attendees through YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, but said it’s difficult to maintain connections.

“I miss the energy of the music and people, but during this time, we need to work with what we have,” Lavin said. 

As a yoga instructor, Lavin utilizes different techniques to make her classes unique, but they’ve been hard to maintain at home.

“My classes tend to be high energy, dim lights, loud music types of classes which are harder to achieve when I am recording classes from my house,” Lavin said. “The impact of this community has come to light in the fitness world through all the online classes.” 

Lavin herself is also taking online yoga classes while staying at home.

“It has made me realize that the fitness and yoga community extend well beyond my community here in the Midwest,” Lavin said. 

While everyone is safer at home, Lavin is using her classes to keep people connected and active.

“I think everyone is learning the value of connection during this time,” Lavin said. 

To learn more about the online classes, you can contact the USD Wellness Center or visit their Facebook page.