NMM construction carries on through COVID-19
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NMM construction carries on through COVID-19

Construction noises replaced traditional music at the National Music Museum (NMM), nearly two years ago, in October 2018. This summer, in the midst of the COVID-19, the construction powered forward at the museum. 

Thus far, there have not been any major delays on the project due to COVID or in general, and the reopening schedule remains the same. 

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Matt Collinsworth, the NMM’s director, said the museum staff is set to move back into the museum this October or November. After the staff returns, the museum will begin preparing for a partial reopen this spring. 

“There are still some things that have to happen through the fall like floor refinishing,” Collinsworth said. “But, things are getting very close to being done. They’re taking care of the final details. But it’s very, very near completion.”

Collinsworth has not been in the museum for a few weeks, he said, but was sent pictures of the inside this week. Being able to see things getting done and finalized, he said, is really exciting. 

“The last time I was in the building, (was around) three weeks ago, and not all of the floors had been laid. There was still construction in the new gallery and area,” Collinsworth said. “When I saw the photos yesterday … it was exciting. A lot of  work has happened over the past couple of weeks and it did look great.”

During the last school year, before quarantine took over the nation, the museum held it’s NMM Live! concert series in Farber Hall. This year, Collinsworth said, they are still trying to figure out what to do with their series — as Farber Hall is not large enough to practice social distancing during performances. 

Collinsworth said while they can’t hold concerts in Farber Hall, they may look into holding concerts in the museum’s new performance hall — once it is completed. If those concerts happen, Collinsworth said they will have to be invitation-only as the new hall will be smaller than Farber Hall. 

The NMM has partnered with the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce in past years for Thursdays on the Platz, Collinsworth said, but this year that partnership is even more crucial. 

“We had bigger plans that we’re going to be much more active, but that sort of got pushed back to a certain extent by COVID-19,” Collinsworth said. “(Community involvement) is something that’s very important to us and something that we maximize our ability to provide that sort of programming to the greatest extent that we can, even though the current environment throws up a lot of challenges.” 

Collinsworth said he and the rest of the NMM staff appreciates the community’s patience throughout the construction process. 


“I know it seems like we’re never going to be open… but when we get this project all completed here over the next 18 months or so, it’s going to be very much worth it,” Collinsworth said. “I think everyone’s patience will be really rewarded (when it is completed).”