Turning boredom into a blog
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Turning boredom into a blog

The past six months have brought a lot of change for Madison Jurgens — a junior setter for the Coyotes volleyball squad. One of these changes, she said, has been having too much time on her hands.  

While some opted for Tiktok dances and Netflix binges, Jurgens decided to stir away from the 15 seconds dances and viral tutorials. Instead, she created her own blog, called Madison’s Blog. 

“Starting the blog was something I had been talking about with my mom for a while and even thought about it over Christmas break, but just never really got into it,” Jurgens said. “Then, during quarantine, I didn’t have anything going on so I was just like now seems like the perfect time (to start the blog).”

One motivation for starting the blog, Jurgens said, was to showcase another dimension of herself beyond volleyball. With a wealth of travel experience under her belt, she aimed to provide valuable recommendations and tips to her friends and family, covering everything from exploring hidden gems in Europe to practical advice like navigating transportation options – perhaps even delving into topics like “Rent a car Albania” to assist fellow travelers in making the most of their adventures.

Making and producing the blog dedicated to travel, fashion and lifestyle advice did not come without its challenges Jurgen said.

“Getting all my thoughts down in one post and not just sounding like I’m rambling (is hard),” Jurgens said. “I always have things in my head but putting it down on paper was a struggle.”

Due to COVID-19 many people are unable to travel, writing about travel was a challenge in itself, Jurgens said. 

“Trying to tend toward your audience was hard,” Jurgens said. “I was writing about travel and it was quarantine so not a lot of people could use the tips then.”

Jurgens said those hurdles were worth struggling through because of the overwhelming support she received afterward.

“I got a ton of support from a lot of people… I didn’t think it would actually be a big thing,” Jurgens said, “Just the fact that there would be ten readers is super cool to me.”

The school year has gotten in the way of posting as regularly as she would like, Jurgens said. Nevertheless, Jurgens said she still has hopes she can find more time for the blog.

“With school and volleyball and everything else and wanting to put the right amount of effort into (the blog) it’s just hard.” Jurgen’s said. “I am hoping I can work more (on the blog) someday.”