Climate Change is happening
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Climate Change is happening

The infamous “think about your children and grandchildren” trope is out. Climate change is here and there’s very little time to reverse its effects.

Pressuring people to think about their children and grandchildren should’ve been used 50 or 60 years ago. The children of Generation Z are the ones you should’ve been thinking of. Gen Z is being handed a world that’s on fire, LITERALLY!

On top of the world burning, this year has already seen record amounts of hurricanes. According to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, there are normally only two named storms form as early as August and the ninth named storm won’t show up until October 4.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, on the other hand, set records naming the ninth storm in August.

2020 isn’t a coincidence, it’s the result of centuries of disrespect for Mother Earth coming to heads.  

One question I’ve found myself asking lately deals with the disbelief some have with doing the little things now, or those convinced that nothing we do now will matter.

There seems to be a consensus that if time travel is proven, going back in time and changing some little things could change everything, so why are so many convinced that doing something small in the present will not affect the future. Food for thought. 

If 2020 didn’t seem daunting enough the way it is, there is now a climate change countdown clock in New York. This piece was meant to be an impactful art piece displaying these numbers to remind people of the work we have to do to ensure that climate change doesn’t become irreversible.

While I understand the intentions of this daunting clock, are the citizens who walk by it every day your target audience? Doing daily tasks as an individual such as recycling, rejecting fast fashion or using eco-friendly products is amazing, but aren’t corporations the problem? Shouldn’t this art installation be targeting them rather than putting another thing on the shoulders of the consumers? 

Any angle one chooses to take, there is no longer denying the existence of climate change. Scientist have been heeding warnings for many years, what’s happening right now was going to happen, yet many continue to argue.

There are seven years left to reverse the effects of climate change and in case you chose to disregard your elementary school teachers too, seven is a small number.