Don’t cancel the environment too
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Don’t cancel the environment too

Cancel culture is still in full swing and no one seems to be safe from the wrath of the TikTok teens. I think although many spent their summer waking up to the injustices in the world, we continue to find reasons to call ourselves and others out on mistakes that, for a celebrity, could be career-ending.  

We are all learning and growing. Many believe as long as you correct your mistakes, learn from them and continue educating yourself you’re on the right path.  

While cancel culture can be extremely rash, one thing I hope comes out of all of this is the general public decision to stop putting up with are celebrities who continue to give empty apologies after making the same “mistake” over and over.  

Celebrities like these are typically of the influencer kind and think that posting a video of them ugly crying for twenty minutes will erase the damage done.  

Can you honestly blame them for thinking that will work? That’s what they’ve been doing for ten plus years now and its worked every time.  

A trend that recently started on the popular social media platform, TikTok, were videos of former fans of Jeffery Star (famous Youtube makeup artist), throwing out the makeup they had purchased from him.  

Many of them should’ve had the realization years ago, supporting him may not be in their best interest but I suppose better late than never.  

While this trend started gaining traction many environmental experts and eco-friendly consumers pointed out the flaws of their actions.  

Throwing out the products from a celebrity’s makeup line or any other product purchased from them may seem like the right thing to do and feel like a point is being made. However, the counter argument of being intentionally wasteful was swiftly brought to the attention of these former fans.  

Same goes for those attempting to make eco-friendly choices. Don’t throw out your old generic sponges because you got new ones that are better for the environment. That defeats your purpose of producing less waste.  

These things seem like common sense, but you wonder why we have “caution hot,” on to go coffee cups. Some people just don’t get it.  

In a Business Insider article from April of this year, Mara Leighton, senior reporter for Business Insider’s Reviews wrote about the simple switches to your everyday. In this article she said things like “Out of laundry detergent? Try one with better ingredients” making it evident that you shouldn’t simply throw out your current laundry detergent to make room for your eco-friendly kind. 

Making decisions to educate yourself about the injustices in the world and how to reduce your footprint are fabulous and should be continued. We need to be smart about the decisions we make, and for the love of all things mighty we need to stop supporting problematic celebrities who care more about money than the good of the people.

Many believe cancel culture has no place in educating, growing, and advocating. The way you feel about cancel culture is up to you, but remember when a celebrity is destroyed, deface their eyeshadow pallet, but don’t let the product go to waste. Believe me, they are creating waste enough for all of us.