Scooter’s Coffee set to open this October
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Scooter’s Coffee set to open this October

The regional coffee chain Scooter’s Coffee opened its first shop in Bellevue, Nebraska in 1998. Now the chain is making its way to Vermillion. 

Construction on the drive-thru coffee shop began in July this year and is set to conclude in October. Diedra Mettler, the soon-to-be-manager of Vermillion’s Scooters, said there isn’t an official opening date for Scooter’s but their goal is early October. 

Mettler has worked with the Scooter’s franchise for the last six years. She said she is excited to be in Vermillion and is looking forward to meeting community members. 

“Scooter’s is more community-oriented. We get to know our customers really well,” Mettler said. “It is nice to have regulars that you get to know on a daily basis.” 

The Vermillion Scooter’s will be mainly a drive-thru coffee shop, but there will also be a walk up window and an outdoor patio seating. 

Mettler said she hopes Scooter’s will make getting coffee more convenient for Vermillion residents, but said she doesn’t think it will take away business from any other coffee shop in town. 

“People still have other places in town — like Café Brulé— where they go and sit down and chill. And then if they’re in a hurry, or on our way out of town, they can come to us,” Mettler said. 

Right now, Mettler said she is working on hiring her staff and getting them trained to be prepared for the grand opening. 

Scooter’s will be located southwest of Walmart on Princeton Avenue. Follow The Volante on Twitter @thevolante for updates on Scooter’s Coffee opening day.